Editor’s Note

A Personal Link Between The Editor and The Reader

carol ballLittle did I realize when I bought the rights to Madge Walls Hawaii Real Estate Exam Book what an adventure I would have. At the time I had used the book for nearly 10 years in the real estate prelicensing classes that I taught at the Maui Community College. I found that the book provided the necessary information to prepare the students for the state section of the licensing exam and that I could then teach the state laws separately from the general laws that were covered by other textbooks. Since the state licensing exam was separated into two parts, the general section and the state section, it would follow that a prelicensing class that was taught this way would better prepare the students for the questions that they would encounter in the licensing exam.

Purchasing the rights to the book, I am still adding to my knowledge as a writer and I am faithfully editing the book with revisions and annual legislative updates of the new laws passed every year. I also update the book with changing practices in Hawaii real estate pursuant to the rules promulgated by the Real Estate Commission. Each time I teach my class and receive feedback from the students on the licensing exam I know more about what the students need to know for the exam. And every time I hear from someone who ordered my book who has a question, I learn something more about what students think when they read the book.

How to use the Hawaii Real Estate Exam Book.

  1. Purchase and download the Hawaii Real Estate Exam Book. ORDER NOW. Read the entire book, take the quizzes and reviews.
  2. Go to and download the License Candidate Information Bulletin, follow the Content Outlines, which list the topics that are on the examination and the number of questions for each topic in the STATE SECTION for both the Salesperson and Broker candidates. Note that the topics do not change for brokers and salespersons, only the number of questions about each topic.
  3. Locate the CONTENT topics in the License Candidate Information Bulletin in the Hawaii Real Estate Exam Book. These are the topics that you should know and understand for the licensing exam. The questions in the exam will test your knowledge of the items. They are very detailed so be sure you understand them.
  4. Sign up for the licensing exam – http://candidate.psiexams.com/, take it and pass it! …… or go back to 3 and repeat until you pass!