Our Readers Write…

Hawaii Real Estate Exam Book“I have browsed through your book and I am impressed with the way you condensed the Laws and Administrative codes of Hawaii into a simple, easy to understand language. My compliments to you.”
DAVID HULBERT Licensing Student – Santa Clarita, CA

“Your book is dog eared, written on throughout, tattered and completely worn out. I do not know what my score was, but I passed the test. Today I signed up with Century 21. I want to thank you for the time and effort you put into your book. I am a success. I tell everyone I studied your book to pass the Hawaii State Exam.”
CAROLYN CREDMAN Licensing Student – Oregon

“Thank you, Madge, for writing a book that made the information I needed to pass the Hawaii Real Estate Broker’s Exam easy to understand. Your book made a real difference for me. I would highly recommend your Hawaii Real Estate Exam Book to other salesperson and broker candidates.”
CECILY A. GEORGE, REALTOR Sales Manager, Schuler Realty/Oahu, Inc. – Honolulu, Hawaii

“Having not taken a major exam for the last 30 years certainly was a handicap for me. However, Hawaii Real Estate Exam Book definitely helped get the job done. It was clear, concise, and current! That’s what made the difference! Because the Hawaii State Broker’s Exam seemed to be a bit more challenging, the Hawaii supplement was exactly what I needed. It organized and updated the information, making it easier to digest and remember.”
CHRIS Y. KITAOKA, REALTOR Director, Prudential Locations – Honolulu, Hawaii

“If you are an out-of-state real estate broker like me–who only needed to pass the Hawaii State portion of the broker’s examination–you must ABSOLUTELY buy Madge Walls and Carol Ball’s “Hawaii Real Estate Exam Book”. The contents of the chapters are carefully highlighted to ensure you only take away the most important information related to passing the exam, and for answering the questions at the end of each chapter. Plus, the book’s inclusion of Hawai’i Association of Realtors’ forms is a must have. Don’t hesitate, buy the book.”
Louis Herrera CEO & Designated Broker RT Brokerage Services, Inc. – Seattle, WA 98108-0744

“I passed on the first try. Your book was a huge help. I spent about 20 minutes looking at another one but other than that I just read your book cover to cover three times and then skimmed around the night before the exam. Thanks a million, It’s a great product. I’m glad I picked you over the test banks. I think my clients will be better served as well. If I have any Maui referrals, I’ll be giving you a call.”
Peace and Aloha, James Hall Austin, Texas Big Island of Hawaii