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Hawaii Real Estate Exam BookHave you noticed that most of the exam prep materials dilute the Hawaii specific information with study advice about the general section of the test? Or worse, have nothing specific about Hawaii law in their materials? You want to find something that gives you specific Hawaii real estate information to study so you can pass the Hawaii questions in the exam. You want to study only what you need.


Hawaii Real Estate Exam Book A Study Guide for the State Sections of the Hawaii Real Estate Salesperson and Broker Exams. Give yourself every advantage in passing the Hawaii Real Estate Licensing Exam! Study for the state questions in the exam.

Are you trying to get a Hawaii real estate license and only need to pass the Hawaii state section of the licensing exam?

Why should you have to wade through material that includes basic general real estate information that you already know? You want a book that is devoted to the Hawaii state laws and principles and practices so you can be prepared for the kind of questions that are asked on the licensing exam.

HAWAII REAL ESTATE EXAM BOOK is a Study Guide devoted exclusively to the Hawaii questions of the Hawaii Real Estate Salesperson and Broker Exams. It does not include material on the general portion of the test.

What’s In The Hawaii Real Estate Exam Book?

Students who have difficulty with the notoriously cryptic Hawaii section of the state licensing exams will find that actually understanding the principles and practices of Hawaii real estate is the key to passing success. The principles and practices as well as the laws and rules from which their validity is established and upon which the real estate license exam questions are based are described in the Hawaii Real Estate Exam Book. This book allows salesperson and broker students to FOCUS their study on this specialized information.

A Word About Practice Test Questions….

The book includes over 100 questions plus study guides that have been developed through the years to assist students in prelicensing classes understand the material in preparation for the exam. Many Hawaii real estate professionals in practice as well as mainland licensees with multi-state real estate licenses have used the book with great success.

Contrary to the old way of taking tests and memorizing test questions and answers hoping that you will get the same questions on the exam, memorizing test banks will not help you today. The present form of the state licensing exam asks questions to ascertain your understanding of the Hawaii principles and practices based on the state laws and rules. Memorizing test questions and answers is the least effective way of studying for the state exam. There is no substitute for actually studying the material contained in the Hawaii Real Estate Exam Book. The test questions at the end of the chapters will help you review this information and give you some valuable test-taking experience. Because the questions are about what you just read, they help you determine whether you understood the material.

How Often Is The Book Updated?


You don’t want to waste your time studying outdated material. You want to be sure that you are studying the right up-to-date material for the test. You want to know that you have all the latest information on the laws and rules that may be included in the licensing exam. The book is updated and edited annually by Carol Ball, Hawaii real estate prelicensing instructor, owner of the Carol Ball School of Real Estate and Carol Ball and Associates real estate firm. Carol uses the Hawaii Real Estate Exam Book to cover the state portion of the licensing exam preparation in the prelicensing classes that she teaches. The annual updates are the new statutes pertinent to the real estate business and may be the basis for test questions in revisions to the licensing exam itself. These updates are included as PDF attachments to the book as they become available annually when the bills become law.

The book itself is revised when substantive changes in the laws, rules, standard forms, and industry-wide practices change. Every effort is made to include information prior to changes made in the state licensing exam either by annual update or book revisions.

How Soon Can I Get This Book?

Lucky for you the Hawaii Real Estate Exam Book is available INSTANTLY as a PDF download (approximately 147 pp). No waiting required. If you don’t like reading online, print the PDF and read the printed pages just as you would a book.

Can I Buy A Hard Copy of the Book?

Hardcopies of the book are only available through advance notice of special orders of 10 or more books by contacting the editor, Carol Ball at who can arrange for special printing of these bulk orders and Fed Ex shipping of the books. Total cost of the printing, binding, shipping and handling varies depending on the number ordered and destination of the books.